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What inspired us to join together to create EdgePoint?

A belief system, not a brand

EdgePoint is the brainchild of a group of investment professionals who share a common set of beliefs. Namely, that we could provide an alternative to the standard fare of mutual fund companies that didn’t seem to have their priorities straight. From our conversations with investors and their advisors, we saw an opportunity in the marketplace for a company like EdgePoint – one that:

  • puts investors at the forefront of all business decisions;
  • believes in direct and timely communication;
  • takes a stand against costly product structures;
  • invests its own money in its products alongside its investment partners;
  • places high value on unrivalled service;
  • uses investment results and not asset growth as its benchmark for achievement;
  • focuses on being a valued partner to a few versus everything to everybody.

For all of these reasons, we believe we offer the “more” you’re looking for from the people you entrust to build your wealth.

Our story

We’re employee owned and investment led, and we follow a time-tested approach managing our clients’ money. Get the straight goods from our founders on why it matters that they established EdgePoint this way.


EdgePoint turns ten!

Ten years later, we are pleased with our progress in compounding wealth for our investors. We now turn our attention to the next decade with the same dedication and passion.

The year in the markets ended differently from how it began. Volatility returned with tumbling energy prices, rising interest rates and mounting global trade tensions. While we don’t know how long the recent downturn will last, we continue to rely on our investment approach and long-term thinking.


Nine years of rising markets had investors riding a high all the way to the end of 2017.

Volatility did a great disappearing act which leaves us hoping investors haven’t forgotten that one of the few guarantees about investing is that the road to returns will be rocky.


China slows, oil prices drop (and recover), Brexit, Trump’s elected…all headline grabbers this year but largely noise to us. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all ears because we like to know what the industry is focusing on – though none of the above caused us to dramatically change course. That’s because our investment approach doesn’t change with the headlines.


From a macroeconomic perspective, the year ended very unlike it began. Volatility returned with a vengeance, the price of oil dropped like a stone and took the Canadian dollar with it while interest rates stayed put at near zero. 

Note: we mention these “events” because they weighed heavily on the minds of investors. But let’s face it, none of this stuff really matters when you know the value of the businesses you own…except for increased volatility, which we believe allowed us to build future wealth into our portfolios.

Inasmuch as we hate to part ways, our old website just doesn’t cut it anymore and the new www.edgepointwealth.com is born. We’re reminded that unlike our investment approach, technology is anything but timeless.

EdgePoint turns five!

To date, we’ve launched zero new funds, still don’t advertise and have no marketing department needlessly spending your money. Whereas our competitors are driven to create investment products based on the idea of “will it sell?”, instead we ask, “should we be selling it?” Most importantly, we’re halfway to our stated goal of achieving investment results at or near the top of our peer group over 10 years. So far, so good.


As they have for the past four-odd years, the competition tries to sell you products based on themes like safety, income and low volatility. They play into your anxieties about the market and investing.

We send a different message. We believe investors need companies that can grow no matter the economy and we try to buy them that growth for free.

One might give you what you want; we try to give you what you need.


Fear continues to dominate the market. We remain upbeat – for good reason. Every day we gain new investor and advisor partnerships, and strengthen existing relationships. Though short term with still a long way to go, relative and absolute performance of EdgePoint Portfolios is encouraging. We move out of our old office and into a new one.


Terms like “high unemployment,” “large deficits,” “increased volatility,” “market uncertainty” and “investor nervousness” aptly describe the investment backdrop. Music to our ears!


The world appears on the brink of collapse and capitalism is declared dead. Tye and Geoff call this period “the best opportunity of our investment careers.”


EdgePoint is born!

It also happens to be the dawn of the worst economic crisis in recent memory, dubbed the Second Great Depression. Purportedly stable companies like Lehman Brothers file for bankruptcy and a significant domino effect seizes financial systems. Major panic consumes the market. We ask investors for their trust.


It took close to a year to bring the idea of EdgePoint to life. We’d be lying if we said it was smooth sailing all the way.

Even our company name was a contentious issue and we were sued more than once over it. This despite our valiant efforts to think up something original. We realized pretty quickly that creative naming just isn’t our forte.