Cymbria Corp.

Cymbria Corp.
NAV as at Thursday, April 17, 2014
Class A Shares of Cymbria Corporation NAV
$23.60 CAD

As Cymbria is a taxable Canadian corporation, the NAV is shown net of current income taxes. The NAV, however, does not include potential future taxes associated with unrealized capital gains.

Cymbria's investment objective is to provide shareholders with long-term capital appreciation through an investment in a concentrated portfolio of global equities and an investment in EdgePoint Wealth Management. Inc. – a wealth management company that offers mutual funds, institutional and other investment products through financial advisors.

Cymbria is currently comprised of an actively managed portfolio of global equities and a 20.9% ownership stake in EdgePoint.

What makes Cymbria attractive?

  1. Security selection: The portfolio of global companies is managed by Tye Bousada and Geoff MacDonald – both of whom have been recognized for superior investment results
  2. Stake in EdgePoint: Opportunity to participate in the growth of EdgePoint Wealth Management
  3. Dividends: Cymbria will receive its proportionate share of dividends distributed by EdgePoint. These dividends may be reinvested into its portfolio of investments or used to buy back shares of Cymbria in the open market
  4. Attractively priced: Low management fee structure relative to other actively-managed global portfolios
  5. Potential for share buybacks: As a corporation, Cymbria has the ability to engage in share buy-backs. For example, it could do so if management and the Board felt that buying back shares would be accretive for shareholders
  6. Liquidity and flexibility: As liquidity needs and investment horizons vary from investor to investor, Cymbria's Liquidity Realization Opportunity offers the ongoing potential for shareholders to take advantage of the option to sell their shares to the company at a price close to net asset value (NAV)
  7. Stable pool of capital: An investment portfolio not subject to the investment flows typically associated with open-ended mutual funds
  8. Alignment with shareholder interests: The founders of EdgePoint Investment Group Inc. (Tye Bousada, Patrick Farmer, Bob Krembil, and Geoff MacDonald) have made significant personal investments in Cymbria


  • Go-anywhere, all-cap product
  • Concentrated portfolio of global equities including an investment in EdgePoint Wealth Management
  • Diversified by business idea
  • Prudent approach to risk management
  • Approximately 23.4 million shares outstanding across all share classes

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