Current opportunities

We're always looking for talented people who can help us achieve our goals and we understand that extraordinary human ability is a scarce resource in high demand. If you think you've got some and are interested in our company, please send your resume to:

We thank all applicants; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Compatibility test

Are you perfect for EdgePoint? Before hitting "send" to contact us about a job, first determine how suitable a match we make with this easy self-assessment.

1. The interests of unitholders and shareholders of publicly traded fund companies are aligned, and both parties are in pursuit of the same goals.

a) True

b) False

c) Don't know

2. MERs in Canada tend to be:

a) Too high

b) Too low

c) What's an MER?

3. Portfolio managers should "eat their own cooking."

a) Agree

b) Disagree

c) Portfolio managers cook?

4. Fund companies should be most concerned with:

a) Strong long-term investment performance

b) A fancy office with expensive artwork

c) A really big sales department

5. Fund companies should measure their success by:

a) Asset size

b) Number of employees

c) Long-term investment results

6. Most important to investors should be:

a) To see their fund company advertised on television

b) Personalized stationary as a gift for opening an investment account

c) Growing their long-term wealth

7. The best communications to investors include:

a) A free pen

b) Timely, honest and clear information

c) Colourful brochures

8. The last thing investors need is:

a) Better portfolio management

b) Greater transparency around investor disclosures

c) More flashy marketing

9. I believe I can change the investment industry for the better.

a) Absolutely

b) No way

c) Maybe, but I'm in it for the paycheque                                                                      


10. Investment management is about:

a) The glory

b) Closet indexing

c) Stewardship of investors' hard-earned savings

Answers: 1b), 2a), 3a), 4a), 5c), 6c), 7b), 8c), 9a), 1c).


0 – 4 points: We're not right for each other.             
5 – 8 points: Not sure you're ready for EdgePoint just yet.
8 – 10 points: You get it! Thanks for taking the time to understand us.