A Message from the EdgePoint Team

A Message from the EdgePoint TeamWhat makes a group of investment professionals join together to create a wealth management firm?

In our case, it starts with a common set of beliefs. Primarily, that our time-tested investment approach can help Canadians secure a healthy financial future.

Our conversations with investors and their advisors led us to believe that there was an opportunity in the marketplace for an investment management firm like EdgePoint – one that puts investors at the forefront, one that's transparent, and one that thinks long term.

We believe that a group of investors and their advisors have a lot to benefit from a wealth management firm that:

  • puts investment partners first in all business decisions;
  • believes in direct and timely communication;
  • takes a stand against costly product structures;
  • invests its own money in its products alongside investment partners;
  • places a high value on unrivaled service;
  • uses investment results – not asset growth – as its benchmark for achievement;
  • focuses on being a valued partner to a few versus attempting to be everything to everyone.

For investors and advisors looking for more from a wealth management company, we created EdgePoint.

The EdgePoint Team